Buying Used Combination Boilers

There are two ways in which you are able to purchase a combination boiler for your home. The first is to do the right type of research and buy a new model. The second option is to find a model that is used or refurbished. Buying a new model is obviously the best option because you will be given a unit that will likely last for several years before any problems occurring.

The downside to this is that it is so expensive. The boiler alone could cost close to $3,000 if not more. That price does not include how much you will spend on installing it and any repairs that will be made in the future. If you are on a tight budget than you need to be on the hunt for something used.

One of the best ways to do this is to go through a manufacturer. They will offer a refurbished unit that is going to work well enough for what you need. However, because it has been used by someone else you will likely pay half of what you would spend on a brand new model.

If this is still too expensive than you could try to go on eBay or Craigslist and find one. These online auction sites have stores and individuals trying to sell the old boilers to make way for something new.

If this is the route that you take you need to be very careful. Make sure that you do your research and work with someone that has a good reputation. They need to have quotes from other customers that will state how well the transaction was and whether or not they were helpful. The last thing you need to do is spend $1,000 on something that does not even work.