How To Size The Boiler

Combination boilers have many benefits to consider. One of the biggest is that they are compact and are able to fit anywhere in the home or small apartment. This makes them more affordable than the average boiler and also easier to install.

Before you can purchase the boiler and have it installed you must first know where you are will put it and how to have it sized. It used to be that professionals would base the size of the boiler on the amount of square footage in the home. However, it was recently discovered that this method actually wasted heat and energy because it caused people to purchase a unit that was much too big.

In order to have an idea on how much heat distribution you will need throughout the home you have to know what type of heat loss there is. Write down the measurements of all of the rooms in the apartment. These units are used in small places with usually one bathroom so you should not have any type of garage or basement.

Heat loss is caused by various things. The type of insulation that is used in the home will help to prevent some heat from escaping out of the home and to keep the boiler from having to work so hard. Try to find out what type of insulation was used in the walls and how much.

Windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss. Make a list of how many windows you have and whether they are made with single or double pane and what type of materials are used for the frames. Any other things like a fireplace or high ceilings will also determine the amount of heat that is lost.