Pros And Cons Of Combination Boilers

A combination boiler is more commonly used in the United Kingdom than anywhere else in the world. These were designed to save space and be more efficient in home that can receive a great deal of heat loss. These units run on gas or oil and can be used as a domestic water heater and central heating system.

We know that these work great and are not nearly as expensive as the average boiler. Still it is helpful to consider the pros and cons that they have to offer. When you compare the good and the bad you will be able to decide whether or not they are worth investing in and how they can truly help when using them in your home.


The pros of using the combination boilers is that they do not use an extra tank or cylinder to store the cold water supply. This is what makes them so compact and great to use in smaller living spaces. It is also part of the reason why they are not as expensive. They do not have as much pipe work – which means repairs are easy and inexpensive. These also work well in small flat apartments and are perfect for showers.

One of the biggest advantages that this has to offer is the money you will be able to save by using them. They help you to save on the amount of gas that you spend to keep it running. They are also efficient at controlling any dramatic fluctuations in the water temperature and can heat the water in under forty seconds.


The cons of the combination boilers is that they do not work well in homes that have more than one bathroom. They have a difficult time trying to heat larger homes and can become damaged when using hard water. If the system should fail there is no electric immersion heater to make up for the loss.