Types Of Combination Boilers

When you are trying to do research into finding a boiler for your home the most obvious choice (if you live in a very small home) is the combination boiler. This is a compact, lightweight unit that is going to work efficiently at heating the entire space evenly and providing you with hot water quickly.

Once you have decided this you need to think about what type of combination boiler would be the best to use. There are five different types that you can choose from. It is important to compare each one and understand how they work and what type of benefits they can bring to the home.


This is the most common model that people will choose to use. This is used to directly heat the cold water supply to the sinks, shower, and other hot water areas.

Instantaneous Condensing

This particular boiler is the instantaneous boiler – but uses certain parts that help to make it more efficient. This is slightly more expensive than the standard combination boiler.


The combination storage boiler is a variant from the instantaneous type. It is made to offer a more improved performance by using internal storage of the heated water. The stored water will give you more initial water supply from the main cold water supply when you first turn the tap on. When the stored heat is being used, the unit will operate just like the instantaneous type.

Storage Condensing

This is made to work just like the storage boiler – but it is made with certain parts that help to make it work more efficiently.

Combined Primary Storage

The combined primary storage is a more exclusive type of combination boiler. This uses a rather large water storage unit that will increase the high water flow rate to the tape and other areas. It is also designed to heat the radiators quickly and before the water store is used up.