What Is A Combination Boiler

A combination boiler is a type of condensing boiler that functions through the use of oil or gas. It works by generating hot water and central heating around the home. This is a common unit that is used in smaller homes and businesses because of how compact it is and the fact that it is able to save people each month in their electric bill.

Unlike some boilers this allows you to do two things with just one unit. You don’t have to buy parts when fixing the hot water boiler and the heating system. It is all connected and in one central area. The best way to know if you want to use this in your home is to understand how it works.

Unlike the standard boiler there is no need for hot water to be stored anywhere. By removing these sets of pipes and storage cabinet you are saving on space reducing the measure of heat that is lost from the water being stored. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is so energy efficient.

The unit in its entirety is made with fewer parts than the average boiler. It is able to take the cold water directly from the main supply. Simply install the unit to the cold water feed tank contained within the loft.

The hot water is than heated directly from the cold main supply the instant someone tries to use it. This helps to give everyone hot water from the tap without having to use a pump. You can have as much hot water as it can make at one time.

Combination boilers are best used in apartments and small homes with limited space and low water consumption. It is easier for larger homes to use a standard boiler that is able to heat up water for two separate bathrooms.