Wood And Oil Combination Boilers

Combination wood and oil boilers – also known as multifuel boilers – are some of the most fuel efficient models on the market. They are even more fuel efficient than boilers that use just one type of fuel in order to work. These also produce a lot less waste than most.

One of the biggest advantages that these have is that when you run out of one fuel you can switch to the other one. There will be certain models that only require you to connet to one chimney flue. This makes them easy to install into the home that already have a flue built into it.

Benjamin CC500

This model is a designed with a wood combustion chamber that is oval shaped. This will increase the efficiency and eliminate any need of firebrick or wood grates. This particular chamber is situated above the oil chamber so that it is easy to clean. It is made so that you will be able to switch the combustion chamber with a brand new one without having to replace the whole unit.

HS Tarm Excel

This model is made with two chambers. One is used for wood and the other for fossil fuel. This can be used with propane or natural gas. The combustion chamber is separated and provides additional safety. The exhaust on both chambers will use the same chimney flue so you do not have to spend money building on another one. It will also switch over to the other fuel source automatically.

CTC Series 280 Gemini Plus

This wood and oil boiler is designed to run on oil, gas, wood, and other solid fuels. The gas channels that it uses will increase the efficiency because they are longer than the average parts. This feature is also used on the length of the flue so that you are able to adjust the output. It is available in three sizes and works very quietly.